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Porter River Christmas Trees grows top quality Balsam fir Christmas trees and creates beautiful handmade Balsam fir wreaths for delivery to your door for the Christmas season.

Are you in the delivery area?


Think a real tree is too much hassle? Porter River wants to make it simple.

Finding a real, top quality Christmas tree can be a very difficult task and too much to think about during the busy holidays! Once you’ve found your tree, tying it to the roof of your car can be awkward and frustrating.

The only tree on or in your car should be your air freshener!

Let Porter River take care of these headaches for you! Simply order your tree and wreath from our website and we will deliver right to your door. We will even pick it up after the holidays and recycle it for you!

How do you know you're getting a great tree?

Porter River owners, Jonathan & Andrew MacIsaac, have devoted their careers to understanding the challenges and techniques of growing the world’s best Nova Scotia balsam fir Christmas tree. Years of experience have taught these gentlemen how to take care of the soil, vegetation and wild animals that inhabit their farm.

"We create a positive habitat for the balsam tree, for the abundant wildlife, and varied and rich vegetation to all grow and flourish together in the most natural setting possible. Porter River is unlike other tree farms that are planted on clear cut land. Our trees are all grown in different stages mixed together in a natural forest environment, so it is never clear cut."

-John & Andrew

Carefully grown, selected for hardiness and groomed throughout their life cycle, Porter River trees are healthy, full and aromatic, and will fill your home with the joy of a traditional Christmas.