The Nova Scotia balsam fir Christmas tree industry is built on hard work and tradition. Constant innovation is what has made it a success. Through workshops, field days, and friendships farmers have refined their techniques from choosing the proper wild Balsam fir to  germinate seedlings for planting or to leave within the Christmas tree lot to seed the farm naturally to shaping and efficient harvesting and shipping techniques to make Nova Scotia a world leader in producing and shipping fresh beautiful Balsam fir.

Many of our customers have asked us what we would recommend as an additive to optimise needle retention for the tree in their home, we have always recommended plain water with no additives because there was really no product out there proven to make a difference. 

The SMART tree program began as a research project focused on needle retention. Based in central Nova Scotia, they have isolated the chemical that affects harvested trees ability to retain its needles, tested samples of superior trees from all over the province and created SMART trees, trees with ideal genetics for needle retention. These trees should be available for farmers in Nova Scotia to plant within the next couple of years.
This program may have also given us an answer to your water additive questions. They are creating an additive that will keep needles on trees longer. The product has been developed and is now being tested for safe household use. We are very excited about this new product and can’t wait to see how it works. We hope to offer this product as soon as its available and help keep your carpets a little cleaner.





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