Krinner Genie XXL Deluxe

We are super excited to offer the Krinner Genie XXL Deluxe this year.  We are often asked what Christmas tree stand we recommend, our first response is always the Krinner. The Krinner holds almost 9L of water and has a floating water lever gauge built in so you know when you have to water your tree. The wide base holds trees steady. 

When we did our photo shoot for our first webpage I cut 7 trees for the 7 different sizes we were offering, the plan was to snap the photos in the studio. Our photographer thought it would take a couple of hours to shoot, so much setting up and tearing down. The shoot took 25 minutes and he didn't have to put down his camera once. The Krinner makes setting up and taking down your Christmas tree a one person job.

We recommend this strong, sturdy stand to anyone ordering a tree 7 foot or larger, its water capacity is 2 to 3 times larger than the nearest competitor on the market, that water adds more weight to the stand making your tree more sturdy and less work to keep fresh

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