Tree Care

Caring for your fresh Nova Scotia Balsam Fir:

At Porter River we care deeply about the quality of our product, we take pride that we’re giving you and your family a beautiful Christmas tree. Below is some information to keep your tree as fresh as possible throughout the holidays. We put a lot of effort into our trees and we will be happy if you give your tree the proper care it deserves.

Thank you sincerely from Johnathan & Andrew MacIsaac

  • If your tree is delivered before you plan on displaying it in your home, here are a few options for you: Store your tree standing up, if you wish to store it outside try to keep it in a shaded area, typically on the north side of a building, and place the stump in water. If you place the tree in your heated garage turn down the heat inside for those days, again place in water.
  • When we deliver your tree, we will provide your tree with a fresh 2 inch cut which allows your tree to absorb water much better. If you store your tree for several days before taking it into your home you might want to make another thin fresh cut. If you make another fresh cut, make it a level smooth cut, this will make it easier to get your tree to stand up perfectly straight in the stand also the stump will be evenly exposed to water.
  • We recommend buying a higher end tree stand with rigid construction and capacity to hold 3 to 4 litres of water, about 1 days’ worth of water. With the fresh cut to your tree it will surprise you how much water it will absorb, especially in the first week. Please water every day as this is the key to keeping your tree fresh. Also make sure the tree is always submerged in water, there may be water in the stand but the tree may not be touching it.
  • Be sure that your tree stand will fit your Christmas tree, some stands have circular rings at the top and they must be large enough for the tree to go in smoothly. We definitely do not want you to shave or whittle the outside of the stump to make it fit. The outer layer of the stump or the bark is the only way water can travel up and down the tree, if the bark is shaved off your tree will dry out quicker.
  • When watering your tree, please refrain from adding ingredients to the water. We do not recommend using any additives such as: plant food, bleach, honey, sugar, aspirin, soft drinks, and other mixtures.
  • Choose the location of your tree carefully, avoid thing such as: heat vents, heaters, fireplaces, and direct sunlight through windows as much as possible. Lowering the room temperature can help, even if you only lower it when you are not home. This will really slow down the drying out process.
  • Once the tree is set up and you cut the bailing rope off give the tree around 3 hours at room temperature to take its full shape, do not pull the branches down by hand, it is very easy to break or crack a branch. A broken or cracked branch will dry out and turn a pale or yellow green and will eventually lose its needles. It’s just like a beautiful flower in bloom. A well cared for tree can last you 3 to 4 weeks.

Enjoy the holiday season with a Balsam fir!